awh so cute, ryan ross, baaby, patd



Disinterest in What the Critics Say

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So basically...
awh so cute, ryan ross, baaby, patd
Oh wow look at me typing to the non-existent people who haven't seen my LiveJournal page yet. Well. If you were dumb, curious, or drunk enough to ~stumble~ upon it, I don't know whether to thank you fondly, or worry for your mental health. Seriously, what the fuck were you thinking?
So I should probably mention that this is my (ponders how many times I've tried LiveJournal) eh it's around my 3rd try at being consistent at updating this so this time I VOW to update. And if I ever do gain friends in this magical land, if I don't update to your standards just please please please scold me. Please.
Also. Uh. Forgot what I was going to mention Oh YEAH. There may be a vast majority of random lines that pop into my head that at some point I may want to put into lyrics or something so I should mention for you to like. NOT copy them and sell them to like black-market song writers (is there even a such thing as that?) or like try to use that as a substitute for money when you're broke and you need to pay back your drug dealer. Like, bro. Drugs are bad. So I'm copyrighting all my mindless works that end up on here.
I should probably stop writing now before you start to get a FULL STREAM of my thoughts to my fingers to the keyboard to the screen to your eyes, etc.


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